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I was trained in electronics in my “First Life” and am one of the few remaining human beings who got schooled in those mysterious contraptions known as “Valves” or “Vaccuum Tubes”. Very much a fan of things analog I have spent much time digging around the back of radios, amplifiers and all manner of electronic devices from a bygone era.

My training, experience and knowledge have brought me to the point where I am now repairing, modifying and occasionally making, Amplifiers and Effects for guitars. On my Facebook page you will find all the latest goings-on in my workshop.
Lately I have been doing a lot of Keeley-type modifications to Boss pedals with great success. I have also made a few mods of my own that appeal to my own idea of how things might work or sound. This gives me the ability to tailor your pedals to your own requirements. Not many guys in South Africa do the Keeley type mods to pedals. I’m not in this to get rich, but rather to offer this service to guys who would otherwise have very limited access to these mods.
Please go take a look at my Facebook page.

Boss DS-1


April 22 2018
The latest project at Guitar Garage was a (Very slightly) used Harley Benton HBT 1500.

The guitar was bought but never set up. How long ago is a mystery because the product line is discontinued. Here are the specs:

– bass wood body
– ash bur top
– bolt-on hardrock maple neck
– rosewood fingerboard
– 22 frets
– die-cast tuners
– tune-o-matic bridge
– 1x volume and 1x tone controls
– 3 way toggle switch
– 2x humbucker pick-ups
– gold hardware.
– Colour: Translucent Black.

The final product:-

Harley Benton HBT 1500

The guitar still had the original shipping box which was a bit beaten and dusty, but the guitar was actually in a very good condition. I straightened the neck, polished the frets, set the action at the bridge and the nut and cleaned the control pots and fitted a fresh set of strings and this baby was ready to go.

Harley Benton HBT 1500
Harley Benton HBT 1500
Harley Benton HBT 1500
Harley Benton HBT 1500
Harley Benton HBT 1500
Harley Benton HBT 1500
Harley Benton HBT 1500
Harley Benton HBT 1500
Harley Benton HBT 1500
Harley Benton HBT 1500

It has a surprisingly good sound for the price range, with an atypical HH sound which is more reminiscent of a T-style guitar with Seth Lover pickups, rather than a typical Les Paul tone.
It’s good for more aggresive sounds when the tone control is wide open, but moves into Les Paul territory when you back off the tone a bit. Very useful tones from both pickups and all switch settings.









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