Fender Mustang Floor Multi-Effects.

I recently picked up a defective Fender Mustang Floor multi-effects pedal from a frustrated friend who had it destined for the dung heap. I asked him to let me take a look and see if I could revive it.

On switching it on I discovered that the mode select and bank select footswitches were not responding. It seemed to me like a simple connection problem so I opened it up and sure enough, under the main footswitch board, not readily visible, a ribbon cable connector had come loose which linked the switching boards together.

Tested while the back was still open, all working properly again.
Other plugs also given the hot glue treatment.
The offend(er)ing plug was pushed back into place and hot glued to prevent it falling out again.
Playing around with the Fender Fuse software. Much easier to use than the scroll wheel and buttons on the unit.
Program saved on the pedal. sounds very good indeed.
Opening the unit takes some doing. It has a lot of screws. Stored them carefully to make sure none were lost
Closed up and cleaned up.

The pedal was tested by selecting the output mode to PA and running into my mixing desk and speakers. The sound is quite ballsy and punchy. I didn’t like the factory sounds as they were too juvenile for my taste. (I normally use Fender guitar amps and floor pedals, so I like the “Analog” thing.)

I am blown away by the amp models, as they definitely deliver a Tube amp “Feel” better than any other modeler I’ve owned, and I’ve owned a lot..

The sound through the PA has the tone and feel of a well mic’d amp and cuts through the mix very well indeed.

Editing is much easier when using the Fender Fuse software and connecting the unit to a PC. I have a computer built into my live rig so it was really easy for me.

This pedal is now discontinued, which seems a pity because it’s really solidly built to take life on the road, and it has excellent tones when you know how to get them out from behind the heavily-effected factory settings.

My testing was done using a USA Stratocaster and a Squier Classic Vibe Telecaster. Both guitars really shine through and I had a great Sunday making music in the basement.