Ever since I was young, motorcycles have thrilled me and I’ve never been without one for too long. They speak of adventure, promises of new places, new people, new things to see. There is solitude and independence, the rush of the wind and the call of the horizon. It’s the closest thing to flying that a man can achieve on the earth.


It isn’t always evident what makes a motorcycle so alluring. Many people don’t get what all the fuss is about. Ieven know a few who look at a motorcycle with fear and revulsion. While it’s true that they do account for some grisly deaths, so do many other things. It’s not enough to put me off of the idea of taking a journey on two wheels. Long or short, the journey is instantly more rewarding and stimulating than on four wheels. Only extreme weather is sufficient to discourage opting for a bike ride. The rider is instantly and constantly in direct contact with the environment. The sounds, smells and sights are more vivid and immediate. The sensation of freedom is the biggest draw card. You feel you’re part of the world instead of just a spectator, passing through.

Tzaneen Ride

Clarens Ride

My Mother-in-law, when in her sixties, climbed on the back of a bike for the first time. I took her for a ride through the Odenwald in Germany. When we got back home she said to me “I finally understand why you do this, There’s nothing else like it.”

What can I say?, I married well…

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